Cool Drain Flow, Inc.

When are drain tempering devices needed?
Drain tempering devices are needed when a piece of equipment is discharging drain water above 140 degrees F.
Most state and local plumbing codes prohibit water above 140F being discharged into the sanitary sewer.
Water above 140F will melt PVC Schedule 40 pipes, and erode the coating of cast iron. When the coating on cast iron is removed, rust will form on the inside of these pipes and they will eventually fail.

Our non-electric, modulating drain tempering kit is the perfect solution. Our kits work on any manufacturers piece of equipment. They can be installed as a retro fit or during the initial installation of the piece of equipment.
How to install our kits:
  • Installations should be done by a plumber and in accordance with your local plumbing codes. Our kits contain a double check valve. Depending on your local code, this may not be the appropriate amount of backflow protection for the fresh water source used to cool the hot drain water. Consult with your local inspector prior to installation.
  • A #20 mesh strainer is reccomended, but not included with our kits. 
  • Do not use sweat connection on any part of our kit or near our kit. They destroy the actuator and void the warranty.
  • With Teflon tape, assemble the kit in this order: 
  • Tee - Couplings / spacers (if included with the kit) - Tempering valve - nipple - Anti hammer device -  backflow protection - cold water.
  • The tempering valve can be installed in any orientation, but we reccomend that it's in a horizontal position.
  • Connect the top of the Tee to the drain of the piece of equipment as close to the source of hot water as possible.
  • Finish the bottom of the Tee to the floor drain. Maintain an INDIRECT ( air gap ) connection to the floor drain.
  • Connect the cold water source to the backflow protection.
  • Turn on cold water source and equipment and test.