We manufacture innovative drain tempering kits.

Our kits don't require electricity to operate.

They modulate over the temperature range to 
conserve water, and work with almost any piece of
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​Four sizes of standard kits. 

     DTV15    1 1/2" tee, 3/4" cold water line.
        Capable of cooling up to 25 gpm.
DTV20    2" tee, 3/4" cold water line.
        Capable of cooling up to 25 gpm.
​   DTV-Heavy    2" tee, 1" cold water line.
        Capable of cooling up to 50 gpm.
    DTV-MINI 3/4" tee, 1/2" cold water line.
        For use with hot wells only 

    Custom kits available.
High temp dish washers
Combi Ovens
Since 2012, We've been providing drain tempering solutions to the Foodservice, Plumbing, and mechanical industries. 
Tempering hot drain water is a crucial component in plumbing.

Hot drain water can destroy pipes. 

Hot drain water can keep grease emulsified and bypass the trap, causing problems down the line.

Most states require that the drain water be below a given temperature, typically 140F, or go into a drain line that can handle high heat. In some states, the only approved pipe for this high temperature drain water is stainless steel. That is a very cost prohibitive solution.

OEM's like Hobart, Champion, Groen, Meiko, Miele, and many others trust our tempering kit to keep their customers code compliant.